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i know i said log but i think im just writing random things here. u can go back ---> here!.

RANDOM LOG?: 7/20 i made the site.a few days ago and ill still update it for now since i cant spend a while on a whole good weebsite until i get my laptop back [im using someone elses right now] so ermmmm there /// 7/20 again xD cannibalism is the manliest thing a male child can do thats why gendered candy is ok. also eating the dolls that talk to you at night like momo telling you to cut your forehead off is super girly too!

7/24 i promise ill make a real website soon. that looks good. i swear.. it just wont be done any time in the next century.

whenever someoneis a good person or believes in good things or just wants good things to happen like for the starving kids to get food its a temu skam. dont fall for it! always scroll all the way cause they probably kick babies in the middle of ROADS! wowowoah, not kool guy :c!

why the hell are nazis and random serial killer loving kids everywhere now? i miss when we knew being a nazi and making funny silly videos of real killers wasnt ok. which was maybe never but every good person knows that.. everywhere i look its random kids with cheeto stained fingers typing about how good hitler was or how much thye wanna bang those school shooters. im about to become a killer just to get yall away from me cause of your skidmark stench. plz remember to clean ur underwear.u make me hate this world even more god

on another day that isnt 24th: i hate this world and *most* people on it

oh god i sound like one of those edgy kids. actually guys i love this planet and everyone and everything everyones great

3/10/24 (i go MMDDYY) NEW YEAR!!!: wow i was real sad back then

hi!!!!!i want to work on this site or write more things on it just for fun cuz it seems fun n ion wanna only b on spacehey.anyways wow i was supa different back then YUCK NOT IN A GOOD WAY i h8 myself back here.....ugh n why was i so edgy "heh......i hate this world n most ppl on it" yeah yeah cheer up shitmuncher the worlds beautiful -future flurtz