Hi! ^_^ This is kind of old. If your from any of my accounts, go to my Spacehey! It should be linked where you came from. Also, if you know me irl, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE CRAPPY LOOKING, ALSO GET OUT OF HERE!!

FIRST alsoooo sorry if u can't read some thingz, i liek the background. xD

Why this is so trash right now:

Just a test made by a kid who knows nothing about HTML. So most likely just a crappy website about myself or what I like. Ok 4 the part where I introduce myself 4 my discord thingy :P obviously im keel or el and this is just a quick test. i promise ill make a real site and im just making this to put on my profile while im still making it..


Why you should care

Well... Because... I'm actually dying cause my testicles were bitten a little too hard by your mother last night. My last wish is for someone to see this website and go, "wow.. this is shitty. next website!!!!!! :P".. i already see the light.. oh godDDd im oging down....

Before you friend me!!

I'll finish this later iok now its later I make offensiv3 jokees sometimes but i swear not anything racist unlesss to mexicans i hate those goddamn stinky mexicans unless they mow my lawn and i swear i dont say slurs i cant say plzlzll and if ur uncomforoitineble plzzzz tell me :( and if my dms r awkward if u friend me from like userphone or splatoon anything like that srry cuz if i say like WOAH THATS AWESOME YOOOO!!!!!!&*#87 78427783Q58 then i sound annoying.... so sorry if i just say "coolio :3"

Dont talk 2 me if u..:

Idk anything other than if u like that weird ass shit like ybc or pedo stuff obviously.. cuz thats weird.. also if ur one of them creepy ass reddit mods who own like 50 body pillows of their 5 yr old waifus.. duh again, sorry idk who i wouldnt wnat talking to me ig dsmp fans cuz yall reek and r corny.. and ummm idk proshippers theyre pretty eughk also those weirdo tcc kids yall r freaks. id call you crazy if you werent an edgy kid who likes being called insane.

Stuff i like :D

invader zim, splatoon, lbp, jthm, azumanga, scene and emo stuff, clone high, sonic, creepypasta, jet set radio, garfield, club penguin, gravity falls, gorillaz, undertale, yume nikki, domo, fnaf, mlp, pokemon, south park, minecraft, yfm, silent hill, i feel sick, sally face, lenore, yansim, squee, tmmof, warrior cats, cry of fear, tawog, moral orel, planet dob, otgw, adventure time, total drama, tgaobam, resident evil, picos school, madness combat, lot, idk any more but propbably more stuff :0 also srry if any of these repeat.. i dont think anything does but i feel like something doez also music idk for music.. usually u can see whjat i listen 2 on my profile on dc...idk,.d.dkdikck.

Accts on other stuffz:

Follow me or ill die! don't go to these accs or ill cry for most of them i barely uese most and whatever i was in the past even 2 wseconds ago was cornier than i am right now :L! Gram garfieldsbiggestfanever TT peelthekeel YT 1federator or XxRaven2000xX Discord @kkeel (rip tagz) Spacehey https://spacehey.com/keel DA zekkeelz Switch [SW 1466 1932 7019] Roblox KittyCankles

This is a paragraph! spank my ass and call me Debbie (I wrote this a long time ago. I won't remove it.) -------


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